If you have ever tried to conduct any form of real estate transaction, you know that the forms involved can be compared to a middle school student trying to understand a doctoral dissertation. Not only are many of the forms hard to understand and interpret, there are some forms that have to be filed legally in the courts and completed properly and notarized before they are valid. In some of the most basic functions, standardized forms that can normally be pulled from the internet will suffice, but at other times it is best to leave the paperwork to a professional.

The number of people that attach themselves to a real estate agent do not have to worry about the confusing forms that find their ways into the bargaining table. All of the paperwork completion is figured into the fees that the realtor charges, otherwise known as the agent’s “service package.” However, it is a growing trend for people to attempt to conduct real estate business on their own. For these individuals, securing the proper paperwork to make everything legally binding is of the utmost importance.

In relation to the growing trend for do-it-yourself real estate, several websites have been launched to try to help people attain the desired result from selling their home themselves. Many of these sites are available for online assistance 24 hours a day and give suggestions on how to conduct the marketing and selling of properties. Also, to keep prices lower for their customers, many will have links or ads for mortgage companies, banks, realtors, and closing attorneys.

Most of these websites are not equal to the benefits offered by a realtor, however they are not meant to be. The main focus of these websites is to provide the user with the correct forms and needed information to make it through a real estate transaction smoothly and easily. These sites generally offer a plethora of forms in every type and form so that no matter what you need in real estate forms, you will find it with them. Many of the forms that you will find online were prepared by licensed real estate agents and the forms conform to the strictest laws so that the documents will be legal if necessary in a court of law.

Many times, these forms can be purchased individually on an as-needed basis, but there are sites that offer a package deal. In most cases, once you purchase the forms, you can reproduce them as many times as you would like because you have purchased the form and it is now yours. These forms range anywhere from a simple room-renting agreement all the way to contracts for selling your home.

The next time you find yourself in need of a real estate form, do not call the lawyer’s office before you check the internet to see what forms are available for you and if those forms suit your needs. The cost of the forms online could save you a bundle of money over the cost of a lawyer drafting the necessary form for you.

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Finding the right rental property can be a difficult proposition. In some areas rental properties are freely available and not difficult to find, but in other areas there is a huge need for rentals and properties can get quite expensive very fast. If you have pets and or children the process of finding a rental that will suit all your needs can become even more complicated. Traditionally the first place that people look for a rental is in the local newspapers and this is still a great way to get a good idea of what is out there, but it is only the first step in modern rental searching.

The internet has brought forth a host of options in searching for a rental property. Many realtors feature rentals that they own on their websites and there are also a number of sites that deal exclusively with rental properties. Some of the sites are national databases that have hundreds of rentals across the nation and can make the search much easier; especially if you are moving to a new state. Finding rental listings from across the country is difficult and much of the time by the time you have called to landlord, the property has already been rented.

Searching online has really become the best way to find current rentals in any area. Another way you might consider trying is calling a local rental agency to see what they have available. Make certain that before you start looking you know exactly what you are looking for in a rental. Have a list of your needs and don’t be afraid to communicate those to an agency or landlord. Many landlords own more than one property and if one of their homes is not appropriate for you they may have another property that will suit your needs.

Remember that landlords are always looking for good long-term tenants so if you express a desire to be such a renter then you will assert yourself above the vast majority of other candidates. Making yourself attractive to landlords is one of the best ways to ensure that you will get that rental that you are after. Be sure to have numerous good references and proof of employment, this will show renters that you are the kind of tenant they want to have.

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Buy low and sell high. That seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, you would think that it is, but you have tell some people that phrase to make them understand the concept. If you use this method as part of your strategy, you will have a good foot-hold of the concept of being successful at real estate. To get into this ideal situation, you must make sure that the area in which the property is located is a high sales area and that the property needs some work to bring it up to the standards of the surrounding area.

The purchase price of the property needs to be low enough to allow for the renovations and repairs plus any resale costs that will be associated with selling the home. If you purchase a home for $100,000, put $10,000 in repairs into it and sell it for $115,000, but have to pay closing costs plus the costs of taxes, utilities, etc while you are owner, you have actually lost money. You must make sure that you have plenty of “play” room when it comes to the value of the home versus the purchase price. If you insure that the property will sell for a price high enough for you to make a profit, this will start you on your real estate business venture.

Flipping properties has become a hot business in the last few years. Flipping houses involves buying low and selling low or just a little higher with little work to the property. Sometimes flipping involves much work and more money, and in those cases, the properties are sold for a much higher price that will bring more profit. Normally, flipping is an easy way to make quick cash that can be invested into other properties.

Another obvious way to become successful at real estate is by becoming a landlord. If you have the assets to acquire several rental properties, there is a lot of money to be made in rental property. There are, or course, down sides to becoming a landlord. You must take care of any problems that arise with the home, there are times when you will have to track down your renters for their rent, and there are tenants that will skip out on the rent and not pay. If you find that you are spending more time doing repairs and collecting rent than you would like you can hire a property manager, but this will of course lessen your profits.

No matter the avenue you choose to travel to become successful at real estate, probably the most important thing you can remember is to form relationships. Whether those relationships be with real estate agents, your banker, handymen, neighbors of your properties, or even your tenants, all relationships are important. Word of mouth is the best advertising anyone can receive, and having good relationships with people will help that advertising go further than any paid advertising could ever reach. As you do more and more of the buying and selling, more things will come natural and you will continue to learn. Just remember that you need to be willing to learn and make necessary changes as they arise.

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Strategies for Real Estate Marketing
By Nancy Arlington Platinum Quality Author


Are you working long hours and feeling so tired that you could just lay down in the floor of that long empty condo on Baker St. that you have been trying to sell for six months? Have your clients been running you all over town and nit-picking every single house you show them? Has it been 3 weeks since you made a sale? You are likely working with the wrong kind of clients. I know, this sounds like the beginning of an infomercial, but I promise it is not. I have nothing to sell you, I just want to try to give you some pointers on attracting the right group of people to be your clientele in the real estate business.

Think back to when this slump first began. It started with one bad client, didn’t it? We will call them the bad seed. Well, that seed planted something in you, probably subconsciously, that has sprouted and grown into this ugly monster that you are dealing with today. When that deal turned bad, you focused on the negatives in that deal. That focus was inadvertently turned to your clients. In doing so, you attracted the wrong set of clients and thus began the snowball rolling down the hill. Like energy attracts like energy, meaning that good attitudes will draw good attitudes to it. Keep in mind that most of the time when we get truly focused on something and we think about it constantly, it is a negative thing. Oh, I have no clients, I am making no money, all of the houses I am selling are in the slump. This attitude will get you no where when it comes to attracting decent clients in the real estate business. Instead of drowning in your sorrows, sit down and make a list of the things that you do not want.

Now, sit down with that list and for each thing that you do not want, attach something that you do want. Be detailed in what you want. Don’t just write “I want to make more money.” Write “I want to make a six figure income in this calendar year.” Statements like that actually set a positive goal for you to strive to achieve. Aim for the stars when you are making your list, and know that with perseverance, you can attain those goals. Now that you have a list of things that you do want, cross of the things that you don’t want, and don’t look at that list again. Focus on the positive!

Clear your head of limitations. Everyone has self-imposed limitations. If you think about it, you do too. If you can honestly clear your mind of those self-imposed limitations, (which probably came about when you were down in the dumps emotionally) you will be able to push the envelope and get what you want.

Attitude is the key to having a successful real estate business. Your business can be as large or as small as you want it to be, it is truly up to you and your attitude.

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It’s hard not to have an big ego when deciding where to get that first apartment. Mostly, because it’s such a mark of independence. It’s your name on that lease and it’s going to be YOUR apartment. But, if possible, try not to go all presidential–think what a mess the country’s in because someone got a little too machismo. That’s why he has advisors–and why we have parents. And, friends.

For example, take my friend J.

She, and four others were looking in NYC and J refused to look above 100th. In the meantime, they were having a horrific time trying to find a 5 bedroom that wouldn’t involve putting up walls to make two bedrooms into four. (They call them Rent-a-Walls in NYC!) Or, the apartments were decent but the broker fees were out of this world. When one of their roommates told J that she’d found an amazing apartment, huge living area, bedrooms, J was ecstatic–until she heard it was above 100th. She and another roommate considered lying, saying that they’d looked at it without actually doing the deed. But, feeling guilty, they gritted their teeth and took the subway north. The happy ending? They exited the subway, and came across a beautiful neighborhood. What’s more, they loved the apartment and are now paying $550 a month. Each. In NYC. A lack of hubris goes a long way.

Taking ego of the equation is a great first step. But, sometimes finding a good apartment takes many steps. Like, Masada-level steps. Like, hundreds. Okay, maybe not a hundred, but a degree of super-human persistence. A’s story in Chicago goes something like this:

She’d check the Reader in the morning and Craigslist at night. Nada. Dumps. Then, she tried the Apartment People, a company that takes clients from apartment to apartment. While the brokers were nice, they had nothing that suited her. From there, she tried the Apartment Finders. She hated the Apartment Finders, saying they took her to some of the filthiest apartments she’d ever seen. Plus, they wouldn’t call ahead so the current tenants were always disgruntled and surly. And, they hassled her with each apartment. At her wits end, she tried Craiglist once more and–voila!–finally a place to call home.

It’s important amidst the insanity to keep a level head on your shoulders. After much frustration you might crack and sign a lease for a place you aren’t totally in love with. Why do I say this? Because it happened to me. Yours truly almost got herself into a slippery situation, signing a lease for a lovely apartment–$200 more a month than what I pay now. It was my first apartment, and it was pretty and I got gunshy and nervous that I’d lose out if i didn’t make a snap decision. In fact, what I would have lost out on was an extra $200 a month. Luckily, the landlord gave the apartment to someone else.

I know that there are a lot of points in this lil post. You’ll learn even more on your own, I assure you. And, of course, I’d love to hear about it when you do. Just take a deep breath every now and then, k-doke?
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An Apartment Checklist of What to Buy First

Getting your first apartment is exhilarating. That empty space is full of promise and prospects for shopping. Let your imagination wander. Depending on your shopping personality, it is easy either to get carried away and blow your money on nonessential (but gratifying) items; or to tremble at the thought of spending your hard-earned income on expensive furniture.

Below is a list of 11 essential purchases for turning your first apartment into a comfortable, functional home. My suggestion is to purchase at least the first five items before you move in.

1. Mattress / Bed

This first purchase is a no-brainer, especially after you’ve spent a night or two on a cold hard floor in a sleeping bag. Those first days, weeks, or months in your first apartment, your bed can be the place where you eat, read, and watch TV.

Remember to measure your bedroom, before you buy the mattress. Also, think about how much you can spend on sheets. Queen-size sheets cost significantly more than twin sheets.

2. Trash Cans

I like having a minimum of three trash cans, one each for the bathroom, the kitchen, and my bedroom.

3. Shower Curtain and Shower Rings

Not all apartments come with a shower curtain, and I would be suspicious of how clean one is, if it does. Shower curtains come in all different texture, colors, and can be opaque or transparent. With this inexpensive purchase, you can really add style and personality to your apartment bathroom.

4. Curtains or Blinds

If you have bare windows in your first apartment, purchase curtains or blinds as soon as you can–for the sake of privacy. Blinds are more functional, but curtains have a soft appeal. Plus, the fabric of curtains is a better barrier against sound and the cold outside.

5. Chest of Drawers or Hanging Closet Organizers

There are many ways to store your clothing. As long as you have one, you’re all right. A chest of drawers is great, if you have the space. A cheaper alternative to a dresser is stackable plastic drawers. You can also buy hanging shelves with hooks that sit on your closet rod.

6. Dishware, Cups, and Utensils

It’s much cheaper to eat at home than at a restaurant. Acquire some bowls, cups, plates, forks, spoons, and knives–disposable or permanent.

7. Fan

A fan is a multipurpose gadget, which makes it worth purchasing. In the summer, it will keep you cool and in the winter, it will circulate the heat around your room. Best of all, fans are perfect for blocking out roommate noises, loud neighbors, or the sounds from outside.

8. Table and / or Desk

As a starter for your first apartment, your table will function as the place where you eat, put your computer, and pay your bills. If you don’t have enough money for a table and you’d rather not eat on cardboard boxes, buy a card table.

9. Chair

Yes, you can always eat in bed, but it’s nice to have a chair to go along with your table or desk.

10. Lamp

A great lamp can really make a room cozy and is essential should the bulb in your overhead light blow out in the night.

11. Bookshelf

If you have a lot of books and cockroaches, invest in a bookshelf– or a semblance of one–to protect your books from the roaches. They love paper and will make a beeline for your books, sometimes leaving behind a trail of stickiness on the pages.

Short on money? Buy a few milk crates and stack them on top of one another. Or get cinderblocks–or bricks for an earthier feel–and boards of wood. Stack the wooden boards up with two bricks underneath the ends of each one.

12. Sofa or Futon

This is such a staple in homes that it’s disconcerting to live in your first apartment without one. They’re especially essential for when you have guests over.


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