Strategies for Real Estate Marketing
By Nancy Arlington Platinum Quality Author


Are you working long hours and feeling so tired that you could just lay down in the floor of that long empty condo on Baker St. that you have been trying to sell for six months? Have your clients been running you all over town and nit-picking every single house you show them? Has it been 3 weeks since you made a sale? You are likely working with the wrong kind of clients. I know, this sounds like the beginning of an infomercial, but I promise it is not. I have nothing to sell you, I just want to try to give you some pointers on attracting the right group of people to be your clientele in the real estate business.

Think back to when this slump first began. It started with one bad client, didn’t it? We will call them the bad seed. Well, that seed planted something in you, probably subconsciously, that has sprouted and grown into this ugly monster that you are dealing with today. When that deal turned bad, you focused on the negatives in that deal. That focus was inadvertently turned to your clients. In doing so, you attracted the wrong set of clients and thus began the snowball rolling down the hill. Like energy attracts like energy, meaning that good attitudes will draw good attitudes to it. Keep in mind that most of the time when we get truly focused on something and we think about it constantly, it is a negative thing. Oh, I have no clients, I am making no money, all of the houses I am selling are in the slump. This attitude will get you no where when it comes to attracting decent clients in the real estate business. Instead of drowning in your sorrows, sit down and make a list of the things that you do not want.

Now, sit down with that list and for each thing that you do not want, attach something that you do want. Be detailed in what you want. Don’t just write “I want to make more money.” Write “I want to make a six figure income in this calendar year.” Statements like that actually set a positive goal for you to strive to achieve. Aim for the stars when you are making your list, and know that with perseverance, you can attain those goals. Now that you have a list of things that you do want, cross of the things that you don’t want, and don’t look at that list again. Focus on the positive!

Clear your head of limitations. Everyone has self-imposed limitations. If you think about it, you do too. If you can honestly clear your mind of those self-imposed limitations, (which probably came about when you were down in the dumps emotionally) you will be able to push the envelope and get what you want.

Attitude is the key to having a successful real estate business. Your business can be as large or as small as you want it to be, it is truly up to you and your attitude. brings you real information on how to easily understand real estate, and how to afford to buy real estate. There’s nothing to buy, so be sure to check out our real estate investor loans pages.

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