Moving can be scary, but it can also be an adventure. New people, new surroundings, new favorite haunts.

A great way to get to know the new community is to get out in it. Go pick up the community newspaper. Almost every town or city has one. Rather than focusing on the city as a whole, it just focuses on what’s going on in your area of town, such as events, restaurant openings, ads for shops and anything that might pertain to you.

Research your new community online. There’s always a wealth of information on anything you want to find on the internet. The Newspaper Association of America has a website on how to find local papers with a map and search engine that will find events and information going in the are that you reside in.

Head to the library. They usually have community bulletin boards and all kinds of local information on how to get plugged into the new area. Get a library card so you can get all you need to be prepared in the new area. Be sure to get a map of the area’s transportation system. This will give you a guide to the train, trolley, bus, and subway maps for free.

There are often free magazines that many cities publish in stores and street corners about area happenings. They contain events such as restaurant reviews, theatre events, readings, concerts, festivals, and all kinds of activities. They are geared toward all ages, whether you are in your twenty-something or have a family already or are older.

A great way to get to know a new community is through the recreation centers and community halls. They offer a variety of activities form fitness center to yoga classes, gym classes, and every kind of sport class imaginable.

Maps are great to find things like churches, hospitals, schools, recreation centers, and libraries. Be sure to pick up a tourist guidebook while you’re learning the area. They can give you a background on the town, ideas on where to eat, activities, and many other useful ideas.

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